Informtec supports creation of National Speedway Stadium by supplying expert IT solutions.  

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Informtec supports creation of National Speedway Stadium by supplying expert IT solutions

North West based IT provider, Informtec, has assisted in the creation of the new National Speedway Stadium in Manchester, designing and supplying many of the development’s complex IT systems.
Chief Executive of Belle Vue Speedway, David Gordon, had previously worked with Informtec and approached the company to design, supply and install IT systems across the stadium.

The brief called for an intricate, fail safe system to manage the gate entry, ticketing booths and turnstiles, ensuring that patrons are able to enter and exit the stadium in all circumstances. Informtec was also asked to design and install a safe, high performance solution for employees: the system facilitates secure communication with online ticket providers and production of event-related ticketing/media as well as providing regular file storage, printing and email functions.

Finally, in conjunction with a specialist Wi-Fi provider, Informtec created a robust public Wi-Fi system for spectators visiting the stadium. The installed solution, whilst able to accommodate several thousand users and high data volumes, remained an economic solution for Belle Vue.

Informtec joined the stadium project a year into the build, with a brief to design and supply several critical systems as well as co-ordinate all the disparate IT installations. Informtec’s expertise, innovative approach and excellent supply chain allowed it to meet all the design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning deadlines within the very-short allotted timescale. Informtec was also able to install premium, Tier-1 equipment across the board, with the attendant benefits of long working life, high performance and security, whilst still remaining within the project’s strict, designated budgets.
Ian Wallwork, Managing Director at Informtec, commented: “Having previously worked with David Gordon, we were perfectly placed to take the lead on the new stadium’s IT. The development was a challenge for us, due to the complex brief, very tight deadlines and strict spending limits. However, our innovative approach, first-class supply chain and low-overhead business model allowed us to complete the project on-time and within budget”.

“We’d like to offer Belle Vue huge congratulations on the opening of their new stadium and the successful hosting of last weekend’s Speedway World Cup. We wish them the best of luck for the remainder of the season.”

1. 2300-2700BC – The ‘Abacus’

abacous1Originally used by merchants to calculate quantities and weights.



2. 100-150BC – The ‘Antikythera Mechanism’


Discovered in 1901 on an Ancient Greek shipwreck. Designed to calculate astronomical positions and eclipses



3. 17th Century – The ‘Slide Rule’


The precurser to the pocket calculator. Most commonly used calculation tool until the 1970s.



4. 1822 – The Charles Babbage ‘Difference Engine’


Hand cranked, mechanical, digital computers for the computation of astronomical and mathematical tables. The first computer designed to have its own ‘printer’.



5. 1940s – ‘Colossus’


‘The world’s first electronic digital computer. Developed for British code breakers during World War II.



6. 1960s – The Microprocessor



7. 1970s & 80s – The Personal Computers (IBM PC / Apple Mac


8. 1990s – The Internet


The stage is set. 🙂


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