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23rd December 2015

4500 years of Computing, the long history of Computing Devices

1. 2300-2700BC – The ‘Abacus’

abacous1Originally used by merchants to calculate quantities and weights.



2. 100-150BC – The ‘Antikythera Mechanism’


Discovered in 1901 on an Ancient Greek shipwreck. Designed to calculate astronomical positions and eclipses



3. 17th Century – The ‘Slide Rule’


The precurser to the pocket calculator. Most commonly used calculation tool until the 1970s.



4. 1822 – The Charles Babbage ‘Difference Engine’


Hand cranked, mechanical, digital computers for the computation of astronomical and mathematical tables. The first computer designed to have its own ‘printer’.



5. 1940s – ‘Colossus’


‘The world’s first electronic digital computer. Developed for British code breakers during World War II.



6. 1960s – The Microprocessor



7. 1970s & 80s – The Personal Computers (IBM PC / Apple Mac


8. 1990s – The Internet


The stage is set. 🙂

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